Posted by: Fr Chris | September 23, 2011

Pope in Berlin

This is his closing line: Dear Brothers and Sisters! My wish for all of you is that you may discover ever more deeply the joy of being joined to Christ in the Church, that you may find comfort and redemption in your time of need and that you may increasingly become the precious wine of Christ’s joy and love for this world. Amen.”
what a great way to lead people into the Eucharistic portion of the Mass!
Here is the entire sermon:

He refers to two martyrs of the Nazi era: Canon Bernard Lichtenberg was a priest of St Hedwig’s Cathedral who was condemned because of his assistance to Jews and public prayers for them; and Karl Leisner, a seminarian in Dachau who was ordained a priest there and lived to offer only one Mass. Read about him in the book Victory of Father Karl. Enjoy the sermon!

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