Posted by: Fr Chris | September 29, 2011

Conscience Clause NOT found in new health care regs – what you can do

The nation was assured that protection of conscience clauses would be in the new health care bills. At the time I was very skeptical. Surprise! As I posted earlier, the Catholic networks who bucked the bishops now find themselves being forced to not only give out birth control (for preventive health care?) , but also provide sterilization (how is that preventive health care?) and God knows what else. You can act now by going to this website:
send a personalized letter to HHS (whose director, Ms Sibelius is a Catholic who was excommunicated by her bishop for her radical abortion rights actions). Deadline for letters is 11:59 pm Friday night, Eastern time. The second thing is write to Congress. Links are provided on the website.

The President was supposed to issue an executive order, and that’s how he got Stupak and other pro-life congress people to vote on his health care bill. Where’s the order?

spread the news, especially re: the HHS letter.


  1. Thanks for the information Father! I find it so odd that NC Register and other Catholic sites I visit haven’t been reporting on this. The only place I have seen anything about it in the news is the Huffington Post!

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