Posted by: Fr Chris | April 11, 2018

Holocaust Remembrance & Catholics: Part II

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Rescued Jewish children in Poland 

Sir Martin Gilbert, Jewish historian of the Holocaust, defends Pius XII

Refuting the Black Legend about Pope Pius XII

Framing Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII and World War II

All Saints Church was in the Warsaw Ghetto until 1942. Its priest, once known for  disliking Jews, used it as an escape route for numerous Jews out of the ghetto –,_Warsaw

Saint Augustine Church was in the Warsaw ghetto and was closed. But the priests stayed on, rescuing Jews and getting help for the ghetto. Both died for this –,_Warsaw

Irena Sendler with Jewish baby 

Polish Priests, Nuns, and rescue of Jews (book excerpts)

Banasiewicz Family who saved 15 Jews

Nuns Who Saved Polish Jews

Why don’t you take care of this child? – the rescue of a Jewish boy in Warsaw –

Irena’s Children – rescuing children from Warsaw Ghetto

I’m no hero – Irena Sendler, savior of 2,700 Jewish children –

Henrik Swalik, Polish diplomat who saved 5,000 Polish refugee Jews in Hungary & 35,000 Christian Poles in Europe, hanged by Nazis –,Polish-Wallenburg-honoured-in-Silesia

Consul Souza de Mendes, who defied Portugal’s dictator to save Jews – He also rescued the Imperial Family of Austria, Empress Zita and her children, who escaped to Canada because of him – they were wanted by Hitler.

Cardinal Stepinac and rescuing Jews in Croatia

Ulma Family, massacred for hiding Jews in Poland-

Nuns who saved Jews in occupied Poland –

Byzantine Catholic Bishop who saved Jews, Bl. Paul Gojdic  (use Google Translate, in Slovak)

Bishop Gojdic

Fr. Pierre Chaillet, underground leader and rescuer of Jews in France

Rescue of 85% of Italy’s Jews, and the work of Fr Francesco Brondello

Italian Catholic Rescuers

Italian TV about the rescue work of Angelo Ronacalli (Pope John XXIII)

Gino Bartali – saving Jews by bicycle

Belgian Rescuers

Sisters of Social Service in Hungary

Bl. Sara Salkhazi, SSS, killed for helping Jews in Hungary

The leader of the Council to Aid Jews in Poland

Book about the council:

Irene Gut Opdyke, a Polish Catholic woman who hid Jews literally under the noses of the Nazis

Fr. Alfred Delp, SJ, anti-Nazi German priest and rescuer of Jews

Msgr. Beniamin Schiavo, rescuer in Italy

Portuguese diplomats who rescued Jews by supplying them with visas –

Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky and the rescue of Jews in Ukraine, ongoing debate about making him a Righteous Gentile –

How FDR and the US kept Anne Frank from reaching safety in Massachusetts, while allowing in British children and also British purebred puppies.

The Polish doctor who saved a village with a false epidemic –






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