Posted by: Fr Chris | March 11, 2012

HHS Mandate battle continues

Want the information to refute the testimony of Ms. Sandra Fluke from Georgetown University?

Want to find out where to put your signature on a letter that will make difference?

Interested in participating in the March 23 Rally in your own town and want to know how to do it so as to make a good political impact?

Wondering what supporters of Sr. Carol should read in terms of accessible moral theology responding to the so-called Mandate accommodation?

The president of Ave Maria University will talk about the school’s lawsuit filed in opposition to the HHS Mandate, as have several other Catholic institutions and at least one Protestant school.

Go to EWTN and watch  for the interview with Jeff Towey and Helen Alvare. Always an impressive presenter, she does a dynamite job in addressing the above questions. You can get your own copy: go to EWTN catalogue and ask for World Over 488.

Sign at  and pass this link on to other women.

Read about her at Helen Alvare’s website .  It does not seem to be updated recently, though.

This business about the HHS Mandate is going to drag on, it seems, and Cardinal Dolan anticipates a rough ride. You can always follow him at

For myself, you know where I stand. I am having a rough day today so don’t feel like attempting any original thinking 🙂

God bless you and yours.

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