Posted by: Fr Chris | December 16, 2011

The Prophets and Forefathers

O believers, let us give praise today to all the Fathers who lived before the Law: Abraham was beloved by God; Isaac who was born according to the promise; Jacob and the twelve Patriarchs; the very meek David and the favored prophet Daniel. Let us also glorify with them the three youths who changed the fiery furnace into a place of refreshing dew. Let us beg forgiveness of our sins from Christ our God Who is glorified in His saints.  – Vespers

The Catholic Martyrs of  Laos: 17 Laotian and French priests and Laotian and Hmong catechists killed “out of hatred for the Faith”


Sacred Heart Cathedral,  Vientiane, Laos

Some good news re: Militant Islam in Bangladesh:

Heroism from Laos during the Vietnam / Indochina War years:  Missionaries and Catechists who were killed in hatred of the faith from 1954-1970  and  the fruits of their labors in the People’s Democratic Republic of  Laos: new Lao vocations!

a rare event: Catholic – Orthodox cooperation in Russia:

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