Posted by: Fr Chris | November 16, 2011

Interesting Times in Washington.

This article, “Obama turns his back on Catholics”

states the case very well regarding this president’s failure to follow through with the American Catholic Church. In addition, HHS Sebelius is making things worse. The article sums it up well.

Archbishop Dolan said that he had a good meeting with Mr. Obama, in his role as president of the bishops’ conference. Let’s pray that some of the Catholics in this administration would get a better handle on their religious beliefs and let those beliefs lead them forward, and that our president would follow through on his promises.

but as the bible says, never put your trust in princes. The Prince of Peace, for Whose birth we are now preparing, is the only One who will never disappoint us.


  1. Gerson, who is a thoughtful person, makes a mistake writing “But last month, HHS abruptly ended the funding.” The USCCB received a government contract for a set term. The term expired.

    No one, not even the Catholic Church, has a perpetual right to a government contract. There might be legitimate complaints but it was not in any honest sense abruptly ending. The contract awarded to USCCB ended. it was re-bid and someone else got the contract.

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