Posted by: Fr Chris | April 13, 2011

A mix to prepare for Holy Week

I still have limited abilities with my right hand and arm, so I am posting a variety of things:

A great companion is “Watch and Pray with Me” by Fr Karl Rahner, SJ  — profound reflections on Holy Week.  Used copies are easily available on the internet.

From the Greek Orthodox, short reflections on the importance of the church services from Lazarus Saturday to the Resurrection.

As we move into Holy Week, the Golden Arrow is a most appropriate meditation and prayer for us:

“The Little Arab” Mary of Jesus Crucifed: a Melkite from Galilee, orphaned at an early age, beaten by her uncle, a near fatal wound from a would-be Muslim protector, but saved by the Virgin Mary herself; she became a Carmelite nun and endured a lot from nuns who misunderstood her or were jealous of her while being rewarded with many graces, finally establishing a monastery in Bethlehem. Beatified 1983.

This one includes some of her quotes:


If you do not already pray for the Suffering Church, please do so. Aid to the Church in Need estimates that 75% of incidents of religious persecution are directed against Christians. What the pope condemned as “christianphobia” is planting very deep roots in our so-called secular culture and of course elsewhere.

Download 2011 report:

Some current issues of Suffering Church:

China: beatings of priests:

Excellent website on the major persecutions of 20th century, valuable as a resource:

From the same priest, Catholics and the Holocaust:





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