Posted by: Fr Chris | April 6, 2011

some headlines

Hello all: I had a very bad fall and have limited use of my right arm.

since I can not type well, I am putting in a few headlines of good articles of interest for you to read, and ask your prayers for a) improvement in health and b) ongoing conversion for all of us during Lent.

New head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – and youngest leader at only 40 years of age!

Cardinal Zen, former bishop of Hong Kong, and the situation of the church in China after failed “Ostpolitik” of some Vatican leaders:

Paul Bhatti, following his martyred brother in his work in Pakistan:,-says-Paul-Bhatti-21227.html

A Catholic view on Libya, from an important website covering news of Islam and the Church:

The Trappist Monks martyred in Algeria in new movie, a film given very good reviews,  some writers saying that it got reverent reviews, a first for a film, but completely and absolutely ignored by our Academy Awards committees:

the hauntingly beautiful “Of Gods and Men,” winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. “Schindler’s List” was aimed at your heart; “Of Gods and Men” captures your soul –L. Brent Bozell III, of CNS:

Catholic Mexico? Not now — from 98% to 84% in one generation. Is the land of the Cristero martyrs losing its way? Protestants number 8%, Jehovah Witnesses are flourishing, and over 5 million answer “no religion” — what a shock!

Once the leading German parish in Buffalo, now an example of lay involvement and participation: and a recent article on that lay activity:

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