Posted by: Fr Chris | December 22, 2020

Christmas Poem

By a Carmelite Nun

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Holiest moment on darkest night,

Mary and Joseph suffused in pure light

tenderly kneel on the stable’s dirt floor

Bending down Child to adore.

Nestled in hay, the Baby Boy sights,

the parents sing a lullaby

three hearts are beating, pulsating as one,

a symphony most holy – truly begun!

Redemption’s sweet grace does silently run!

God’s love divine spills forth on mankind!

Silver bells ringing, the church opens wide – do not be late, go right inside!

You do need a key – a bright shining faith and deep humility! The heart of Jesus beats with greatest love.

Christ in the Host – He thinks, hears and sees! Give Him the gift He desires and seeks.

Your own poor heart, united to His!

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