Posted by: Fr Chris | December 2, 2020


Barbarazweige - KOSMOS Verlag

In the image above, Barbara is shown holding the palm which shows that she is a martyr. Behind her is the tower in which her father locked. The three windows were added by her to show her belief in the Holy Trinity, which her pagan father denied. Finally the Most Holy Eucharist, which she had such hunger for, is near her.

Saint Barbara’s Day is December 4. There is an ancient German custom called Barbarzweig, or Saint Barbara Twig. Cut a twig from flowering tree, put in warm water, see if it will blossom on Christmas as both a gift for the Christ Child, and a sign of the new life that Jesus Christ brings to us at Christmas. Jesus is the Root of Jesse and so He is also the root of our lives. This little twig can carry a lot of symbolism!

Barbarazweige - YouTube

In the photo above, stars are added, which obviously are for the Star of Bethlehem. If your “twig” is big enough, you can add ornaments to it.

Another custom is to put a lit candle near the vase, as a sign that Christ is the Light of the World. This is especially nice by a window.

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of architects, engineers, artillerymen, and against sudden death or lightning.

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