Posted by: Fr Chris | April 12, 2020

Christus Resurrexit! Christos Voskrese!

The joy of the Resurrection should always permeate our life. In Eastern Europe, the word for Sunday is often “Resurrection Day” and in the Byzantine Rite, every Sunday is considered a continuation of the Resurrection of Christ. The verse “risen from the dead” appears several times.

This Month: The First 300 Years of Christianity

This year the Resurrection comes at a time of worry, concern, even despair. Many people are mourning loved ones who were snatched away by the coronavirus. Sure, a lot of them had underlying health conditions – I could easily be one of them given my medical history! Nevertheless, they died before they were supposed to die, as most of them were managing quite well. Now they are gone, taken from us by a disease that does not allow for big funerals, hugs, handshakes, all the things that comfort the mourners.

It is Pascha, Easter Sunday, the Resurrection Day, no matter what is happening, no matter how oppressive a government is, no matter what the death rate is, no matter if people want to observe this feast or not. Stores work hard at commercializing holidays, but even those who focus on the Easter Bunny and candy know that Christians are remembering that Jesus rose from the dead.

As for those who recover, a long time on a ventilator can lead to cognitive issues, and functioning issues. Patients may have trouble thinking clearly, walking, speaking. For other survivors there is serious lung damage. And for all survivors, there really is question as to whether or not there are any other long-term effects. Because the world is so united by communications – despite the efforts of China’s Great Wall blocking off much of the internet, and Russia’s threat to do the same – people in New Delhi; Johannesburg in South Africa; in Santiago, Chile; New York City; Moscow; Berlin; and Anchorage, Alaska all know what’s happening in these countries. China has given us a terrible legacy, as caring for public health does not meet the standards for a stable society that never rocks the boat.

Christ fulfills His promise – He was buried on Friday, lay in the tomb on Saturday, and rose with the dawn. We are all in a dark period now of anxiety, worry, even boredom. Domestic violence is on the rise where people are in lockdown, and the millions out of work worry about their future. The numbers of sick people continue to rise as the virus makes it way through the nation and other countries.

But … CHRIST IS INDEED RISEN! Not WAS risen but IS risen. His triumph over death means that the doors of heaven are opened for me, for you reading this, for all of us. Yes, we face many challenges – every generation since the Fall of Adam and Eve has faced its own challenges! But in the midst of a sinful, worried, stressed world, CHRIST IS RISEN! He IS my life, He IS my hope, He IS my love, He IS in the end, all that I should desire.

Returning of the written off #5*invited only * (Page 42) | 3560437 | Chat Clubs Forum

An anonymous Greek wrote in the 400s:

It is the day on which the heavens were opened at the rising of Christ the Lord, and on which, for the good of the human race, the flourishing and fruitful tree of the resurrection sent forth branches all over the world, as if the world were a garden. It is the day on which the lilies of the newly enlightened sprang up, the streams that sustained sinners ran dry, the strength of the devil drained away, and demonic armies were scattered.

This, then, is the day which the Lord has made: let us keep it with gladness and rejoicing by the grace of Christ. By his resurrection he has illuminated the whole world, which was in darkness and in the shadow of death. May glory and adoration be given to him together with the Father and the Holy Spirit for endless ages. Amen.

Ukrainian Easter

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