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Byzantine Evangelization 7: Prayer & Liturgy

At this time, there is no prayer book available using the translations found in the Byzantine Catholic Metropolia of Pittsburgh. However, the Melkite Eparchy has continued to print and update their popular Publican’s Prayer Book! This beautiful prayer book, designed for personal use, contains over 700 pages of the traditional prayers of the Eastern Churches offered by generations of Christians — spiritual publicans — who heeded the Lord’s call to repent and “seek, first, the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33).

Features of the 3rd edition:

  • All the beautiful treasury of prayers from the 1st and 2nd editions, plus over 100 additional pages, including…
  • A Small Horologion, simplified and abbreviated for personal use in the “domestic church” of the home (like the Book of Hours published by Sophia Pressin 2013) for those who desire to pray the canonical hours (Divine Office). Ideal for family prayer
  • The Akathist of Thanksgiving, known under the title, Glory to God for All Things, a magnificent testament of praise to God for His loving care and guiding providence in our lives
  • An expanded Table of Contents, making it easier to find the special prayers you wish to pray
  • Additional texts of the Holy Fathers including… St. Athanasios’ On Praying the Psalms, and the famous homily of St. Proclus of Constantinople, friend and disciple of St. John Chrysostom, On the Theotokos, delivered in Hagia Sophia in the presence of the heretic Nestorius
  • New classic graphics from ancient liturgical books

Also includes all the features of the 2nd edition:

  • the traditional Morning Prayers and Prayers Before Sleep
  • prayers for use throughout the day
  • and prayers for various needs, such as: prayers for the dead, for the sick, for married couples, for travelers, for deliverance from addiction, for the clergy, for purity, for healing from cancer, for aborted children, and many others
  • Prayers of preparation/thanksgiving for Holy Communion and Confession
  • Calendar of Saints and Feasts, with troparia, for every day of the year
  • Nine Canons and Akathists
  • The Wisdom of the East: selected writings of the Church Fathers on prayer and related topics;
  • and spiritual guidance for living always in the presence of God
  • Glossary of terms and bibliography of selected texts on Eastern Christian spirituality

The Publicans Prayer Book is a valuable help for Eastern Christians who seek to sanctify their daily lives by responding to the Lord’s call to “pray at all times” (Luke 21:34).

Richly leather-bound with gold embossing, sewn binding, fine quality paper, gilt edges, silk ribbons, two_color printing throughout, in a practical 5×7 size, with lovely reproductions of woodcuts from antique Byzantine liturgical books.

The Year of Grace of the Lord: a Scriptural and Liturgical Commentary on the Calendar of the Orthodox Church. A Monk of the Eastern Church (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir Seminary Press, 1992). This work, by the famous Father Lev Gillet, is exactly what the title says. It goes through the whole year, both the fixed calendar of feast days and the moveable one of Great Lent-Pascha-Pentecost. Thoughtful essays are written for each day.

This is a book well worth the $5 being charged for it. While published in 1970, it is a good overview of the Divine Liturgy in a readable format.


Time for the Lord to Act by David M. Petras

This book is by the eminent Fr. David Petras, the best liturgical scholar of the Byzantine Catholic Church. He holds a doctorate from the Pontifical Oriental Institute and has served in numerous capacities for our Church He goes over the history of the  Divine Liturgy, the updating that took place in 2004 and why, and unpacks the power of our worship beautifully.

A Year With the Church Fathers – In A Year with the Church Fathers, popular Patristic expert Mike Aquilina gathers the wisest, most practical teachings and exhortations from the Fathers of the Church, and presents them in a format perfect for daily meditation and inspiration. The Fathers were the immediate inheritors of the riches of the Apostolic Age, and their intimacy with the revelation of Jesus Christ is beautifully evident throughout their theological and pastoral writings: a profound patrimony that is ours to read and cherish and profit from.

Image result for A Year With the Church Fathers



Introduction to Eastern Churches, and Explanation of Eastern Catholic Churches $14.95



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