Posted by: Fr Chris | February 16, 2019

Byzantine Catholic Evangelization 6


The Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great. Every adult and teenager in the household should have their own pew book!

Byzantine Catholic prayer books – as opposed to the Orthodox ones in use before – have printed for our faithful since 1773, because it is so important that every believer should be able to reference the correct prayers for the Tones, feast days, and communion meditations . By purchasing and using this book, you are part of a centuries tradition! This has the responses, proper prayers, and music for the Liturgies, feast days, ranks of saints for ordinary days, and special intentions. Besides all that, there are the traditional – and very beautiful – Prayers Before Communion and Prayers of Thanksgiving which can be read either in church or at home. Complete with ribbons for marking the pages. Available from Byzantine Seminary Press:  $10

Byzantine Daily Office – the daily prayers of Matins, the Hours, and Vespers, with the correct Proper Prayers (Troparion, Kontakion), for each day of the year, sent directly to your smart phone, computer, or pad, from Eastern Christian Publications.

ALSO NEW: Audio CD for Vespers, Morning Prayer and Sixth Hour (Noon Prayer). For more information go to   Donations requested

Theosis is a monthly print or electronic magazine with articles on theology, liturgy, and
Sacred Scripture; information on the month’s saints’ days; and photographs of ancient churches.   $6 monthly

A self-standing display of icons for the major feasts of the liturgical year.  Summary bullet points for education on each feast.  Pocket-size 4″X6″ in full color.  $15.00

Come Bless the Lord Icon Packet, $10

Beautiful set of 39 icon prints, size 8 ½ x 11. Familiarize learners with Christ, the Mother of God, saints and the major feasts through icons. Display an icon relevant to a feast, gospel or parable. Teach children to reverence the icon and pray before an icon, set up an icon corner. Icons have descriptions on back of pages. Find this at

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