Posted by: Fr Chris | December 12, 2017

The Bully of Asia

If ever there was a country that pushes forced abortion, sterilization, and absolute control of its citizenry, Communist China is it. This new book explains, the author, Steve Mosher,  how China

  •  invented totalitarianism thousands of years ago
  •  has killed 400 million of its own unborn citizens in an effort to speed up economic development
  • has economic power, built on stolen American ideas, factories and jobs, now rivals our own
  • believes its superior race and culture give it the right to universal deference
  • teaches its people to hate America for standing in the way of achieving its narcissistic “dream” of world domination
  • believes in its manifest destiny to usher in the World of Great Harmony
  • publishes maps showing the exact extent of the nuclear destruction it could rain down on the United States

l’s dream of “engagement” with the People’s Republic of China and its “peaceful evolution” toward democracy and freedom. Wishful thinking has blinded us to the danger we face and left the world vulnerable to China’s overweening ambitions.  My book is a wake up call.

The author  is director of the Population Research Institute knows China as few Westerners do. He writes: As a visiting graduate student having exposed the monstrous practice of forced abortions, he became the target of the regime’s crushing retaliation. America has about a decade to respond to the challenges posed by the Bully of Asia. After that it will be too late.  PRI is a leading pro-life charity and activity.

Go to  and for a $25 donation, you will get the book in first-class mail for Christmas.


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