Posted by: Fr Chris | May 10, 2013

32 Years

On this glorious date, I was ordained a priest in the cathedral of St. Michael in Passaic, NJ.

I have to admit that most of my relatives had no knowledge of the Byzantine Catholic Church – it had taken a while to convince a few early on that I was still Catholic when I changed rites back in the ’70s.

On that date, I was thoroughly convinced that I was not worthy of the honor of ordination, and I told my spiritual director the night before that this was a big mistake. How could the Church think that I should be approaching the altar? He reassured me very much, then and the next morning at the cathedral rectory where I was again shaken and said:  This is wrong. I don’t deserve this.

His wise reply was twofold: nobody deserves this, and better that I tremble rather than go forward with pride!

His advice still holds. And I still think I am unworthy.

So, to whoever comes across this, please pray for me that I use God’s grace wisely and that I go forward ever in spiritual trembling.

Saint Michael Cathedral, where I was ordained in 1981.

I stood to the left, near the Mother of God icon, with her looking right at me. I was one of three ordained that sunny day.

God, be my strength. Holy Mother of God, protect me.


  1. Thanks for your service, Father! God bless, and Blessed Anniversary!

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