Posted by: Fr Chris | December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

If  you have the time …

here are the Royal  Hours of Christmas from our Cantor Institute.

It is worth reading the Scriptures that are given, as they show up in the services tonight, in Compline and the Divine Liturgy alike.

Click to access NativityVigilOfficeofReadings.pdf

and when you have a chance, remember the suffering / persecuted/ restricted Christians of:


all Muslim states

Laos & Vietnam

Catholic Church, both open and underground


Central Asia

parts of India, especially Orissa

northern Nigeria

and many other places – in 103 countries, the majority of places where believers are persecuted, most are Christians (Pew Forum)

Click to access NativityVigilOfficeofReadings.pdf

Today the Virgin comes to the cave, where she will give birth, in an way beyond understanding to the Word Who is in all eternity. Rejoice therefore, O universe!

File:Pregnant Virgin Mary (Dirbi fresco).jpg

The pregnant Theotokos, Dirbi monastery of Dormition in Shida Kartli, Georgia





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