Posted by: Fr Chris | January 2, 2012

Egypt’s Coptic Pope and Looking to Epiphany!

This is an excellent article that gives an overview of what has happened to the Coptic Church of Egypt in the past year, beginning with the attack in Alexandria on Orthodox Christmas (January 7, 2011)  and through the revolution which erupted on January 25, 2011 to today.–Islam—One-year-after-the-massacre-of-Christians-in-Alexandria-Egypt-seeks-a-way-forward

January 6 is Ephiphany: in the Byzantine Rite, both Catholic and Orthodox, this is the Theophany, where the Holy Trinity is revealed as three distinct Persons at the Baptism of the Lord. For Roman Catholics, it is the revelation of the Infant Jesus as Son of God at the Adoration of the Magi.

The troparion from now until the evening of  January 5th reads:

Make ready, O Zebulon, and prepare yourself, O Nephtali. O River Jordan, stop and receive with joy the Master Who is coming to be baptized. O Adam, rejoice with the first mother, Eve, and do not h ide yourselves as before in Paradise. For, ahving seen you unclothed, Christ appears to clothe you with the first robe; He has appeared to renew all creation.

We work at getting our hearts ready to receive the Lord Who comes to the Jordan river. On the night of the 5th, we will have the Vespers and Great Sanctification of Water, at  7 pm.  This water will be used for house blessings and for ceremonies at home throughout the year.

Let’s get ourselves truly ready for Jesus the Lord!





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