Posted by: Fr Chris | December 14, 2011

Holy Infant Jesus Living in Mary

From the Carmelite Nuns:

Holy Infant Jesus, living in Mary! To Thee I surrender myself totally, with body and soul and all that I am and have, and all that I am capable of being or having. Grant me to partake of Thy innocence, and out of the fountain of  Thy most sweet heart, allow me to draw childlike simplicity so as to moisten the powers of my soul, and strengthen them with Thy Holy Spirit. Let me draw out of thee, Thou primeval fountain of life eternal, Divine strength in order to receive the spirit of Thy holy infancy, and divine power in order to preserve it. And then come and reign within me through Mary; then through Thy greatness within me confound all earthly greatness; and through Thy wisdom in me let all carnal wisdom and worldly prudence be silenced; and through Thy goodness in me let all diabolical malice be dispersed!


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