Posted by: Fr Chris | September 9, 2011

John Allen on Vatican Rules & Ireland; 9/11





Per usual, Mr. Allen’s weekly column is insightful. This would be of great interest to those who have been dismayed by the sparring between Ireland and the Holy See over the sexual abuse problems in the Diocese of Cloyne. The bishop there ignored Vatican rules, and the result was more pain and disaster.

Read the entire article here:

It also deals with Jeffrey Anderson’s legal attempt in Oregon to see all bishops and priests as Vatican employees.

As we get closer to Sunday and the 10th anniversary of 9/11,  here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Pray for the repose of the souls of the deceased, and for the comfort of all those left behind.

2.  The medieval-era Ambon Prayer, or closing prayer, for the Dormition (August 15) in our rite reads in part as a petition to Our Lady for “an end to the audacity of terrorism. ” It stands both as a powerful plea to Mary, so highly honored in Islam, and a reminder that mass murderers have been around for a very long time doing the work of Satan and his minions. Conversion of hearts is always the answer.

3.  May there be peace, true peace, in all hearts, with an end to rancor and religious strife. May the rule of Christ the King reign supreme, and may nations and political movements be moved to serve instead of dominate, to care of instead of pushing aside.

There will be a lot of  “God Bless America” on Sunday. It is worth saying also, “America: bless God! ”








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