Posted by: Fr Chris | September 8, 2011

coming up to 10 years

Sorry that I have not posted – I had some bad flares in the muscles and nerves.  So today will be catch up day.

First up, a reflective article from Radio Free Europe on Ten Winners and Ten Losers of 9/11. It is a decent survey, with links to additional writing.

In Pakistan, the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady is celebrated with pilgrimages to the Catholic village of Mariamabad. Named for the Virgin Mary, this Punjab shrine is filled with pilgrims from today through the 11th, and has been since 1949. Mariamabad was founded in 1892 as a place for Catholic peasants to buy land and live safely.  After the bloody and violent partition which founded modern Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, a statue of Our Lady was erected and the story began that those who come to pray before her would have their prayers granted. Even Protestants and Muslims come. Today, a 25 year old Catholic pilgrim stepped aside from his group on the dusty road to the shrine in order to take care of bodily functions. For this, he was beaten to death by local Muslims, who then ran over his body to make it look like an accident.  Is this how badly hatred is settling in? The bombing in Quetta this morning also damaged three Catholic schools, caving in the roof of one,  and Caritas office. But the target was a government office. The incessant attacks are the enemy of all Pakistan: read this insightful article: Where Every Day is 9/11 from Catholic Online


and this one on the constant shoving aside of  Pakistani Christians, even their military heroes!

Well let us end with something much more positive on this feast day, from Matins for today:

The fruit of virginity came forth from your blessed womb, O holy Anna.  She is the one
who, without seed, gave birth to Jesus, the Nourishment and Deliverer of all creation.
    All creation calls you blessed, O ever-Virgin.  We celebrate your birth today from Anna;
you are the spotless branch of the root of Jesse who gave birth to the flower, Christ.  Refrain
    All people are filled with joy on this day, O undefiled Theotokos, for your Son has placed
you above all creation.  We extol your birth from Anna.
  The prophecies of those inspired by God are now fulfilled in your birth, O immaculate 
One.  In faith the prophets called you Tabernacle and Gate, spiritual Mountain, the
unconsumed Bush, and the Rod of Aaron which blossomed from the root of David,
Most Holy Theotokos (Mother of God), pray for us!














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