Posted by: Fr Chris | August 10, 2011

Off to our Otpust

An otpust is a pilgrimage, in Eastern Europe and usually of Byzantine-Greek Catholics.  Our far-flung eparchy has its shrine to Our Mother of Perpetual Help at St George Church, which is outside of Olympia, Washington state. Go

here  to read about the shrine, and here to see the name of Yours Truly at work . Besides the talk, I will be hearing confessions. They get up to 200 people and are now building a bigger hall, which is badly needed.

In the southern states, we had an otpust to Our Lady, Seeker of the Lost, but that ended when Resurrection Monastery opted to leave our eparchy. That is a story best left untold.

Pilgrimages are tied to the Christian life – each Christian is on a pilgrimage, after all, heading home to God. The pilgrimages give a chance to experience that in a profound way, surrounded by others with the same goal, and a bishop and priests and deacons available to talk to.  Our bishop, Most Reverend Gerald Nicholas Dino (pronounced with a long “i”) sits and mingles with the folks under the tent covers. It is quite cool when a bishop does that. You can read more about him  at

and this one

will answer the question of “Why did your eparchy change its name to Phoenix?

Pray for me to do well and for my body to cooperate with me in order to minister well! God bless/ S Bohom.


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