Posted by: Fr Chris | August 3, 2011

A sudden Catholic moment from CHA


The Catholic Health Association bucked the American bishops over the Obamacare proposals, remember? And all kinds of people praised them for their independence from the wicked patriarchal bishops, breaking free and walking in step with the rest of America.

And now their beloved president has stabbed them in the back with mandatory contraception coverage. Because he and so many in his administration, in government, in media, and in the so-called First World seem to treat pregnancy as a disease to be avoided at all costs, including killing with the morning after pill. Why didn’t the president mandate prenatal care if he is really concerned about women? Instead it is contraception – and abortion in one way or another is not going to be far behind.

So, behold – the exemption clause for religious institutions is written in such a way that Catholic hospitals and institutions will be forced to comply. How could the leader of compassion have done this to the Catholics who supported him?

Surprise! This is what happens when we open the door to ethical compromise. It gets pushed open further no matter how hard we try to shut it. This is why Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae even though he knew he was going to suffer for it. Because the door opened by the Anglicans in 1930 was getting pushed wider in the 1960s, and he was afraid what would happen if Catholics opened their door a little bit on moral issues.  And “leading Catholics” ignored him and taught the opposite ever since, and look at the mess the First World is in, dying off because we refuse to have babies,  and abortion is used more and more as birth control, and infant abuse goes on and on.  Now “leading Catholics” are suddenly worried? Too late! Too late ….  but by all means, try to shut the door and now listen to Church teaching and see how all these terrible dots connect, from euthanasia to abortion to  selective abortions (where are all the Downs Syndrome babies – 90% killed in the womb ) for “genetic purity” and then euthanasia of people sicker than me, and soon enough just like me.

So now the CHA issues this statement of concern. The President and the leading Democrats – including Catholics who consistently forget Church teaching on moral issues while invoking Church teaching on issues which they like – got the support of CHA and Sister Carol Keehan.  You think that now they are going to listen to the Catholic concerns of CHA and any Sisters at all? It will be a deaf ear unless there are fervent, fervent prayers to God beseeching that the president and the leading Democrats will change their minds — and it’s going to have to be a lot – a LOT  – of prayer and fasting on the part of CHA.

Their statement of concern will disappear in the wind. Their only hope is humility, and asking the Church at large to forgive them for their previous betrayal, say that they want that door closed, and ask for the Church at large to pray for them.

What are the odds?

All of those who bucked the Church to vote for Obamacare and supposed conscience clauses better start praying, and shutting whatever doors they can, because there is going to be a lot more pushing of un-Catholic things in the months ahead regarding health care.

God help us.  Because now it starts.

click on this link to see their sudden concern:;s_Preventive_Services_Regulations/


  1. Wonderful post Father! I’m sad to say that I was on the fence about Obamacare while it was going on, and here we are reaping the consequences. Women who do not use contraception are in such a minority, we need to speak up about how life is better off of the pill!

  2. Father Chris: I agree completely! I earnestly believe that Catholics of the Roman Church living in the United States are not prepared for martydom that awaits us once the Anti-christ reveals himself. I abstained from voting in 2008 U.S. presidential elections because I doubted either candidate’s committment to defending unborn, human lives.

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