Posted by: Fr Chris | May 3, 2011

Beyond hats

The media focused on all the surrounding things of the Royal Wedding: the abbey church, new outfits, wedding gown, carriages and uniforms.

But listen to the wedding homily by the archbishop, quoting St Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Catholic Church:

Oddly enough, I found this on the website of the Catholic News service in Asia, not Europe or the US. I guess the Asians were really looking, as former subjects and Commonwealth subjects who are under severe pressure in so many areas, for the meat of the day, not the pablum milk which we Westerners fed ourselves with. A humbling thought. It’s a good homily to listen to and ponder. I hope the Royal Couple follows through.


  1. I absolutely loved the homily, and was wondering why there wasn’t more commentary on it! My favorite part was when the pastor said that every wedding is a royal wedding, and that every groom and bride is a king and queen of creation. Just beautiful! I also liked how he drew attention to the decline of religion in the west and pointed out that it leaves people searching for fulfillment in places where it can’t be found.

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