Posted by: Fr Chris | February 3, 2011

Christian News from Egypt


Now that Mubarak’s regime is allowing Internet connections, news is coming out. This sad piece: a band of Islamists massacred two Coptic families in their own houses, coming down through the roofs with the aid of other Muslim neighbors. The Islamists knew the families, lived in the village in Minya province. This is an area that has seen several attacks against Coptic Orthodox and Catholics over the past years.  Traditionally, the police then step in to pick up the Christians (!) and perhaps a couple Muslims. The Christians pay a fine, plus have to pay to fix up any damaged property, and it is rare for the Muslims to be penalized. Speculation is that local Islamists decided to use the time of confusion to strike out. See the Assyrian News Agency, which serves the Assyro-Chaldean population of the Near East and around the world:

As to what the future holds, only God knows. But the limited security that Christians have currently may be at risk in a time of transition, and certainly if the Brotherhood gains more control, it will be a difficult time. The Brotherhood has been protecting churches on Sunday mornings to prevent more Al-Qaeda style attacks, but in the past they have not exactly been kind to Christians.

Will 2011 become the Middle East’s version of 1989? It is an open question now. Let us pray to God for peace, for an increase in human rights, and for protection of the Christians from violence.



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