Posted by: Fr Chris | February 1, 2011

A Different Type of Excitement in the Amazon

While we are transfixed at the changes rushing through the Arab world, which makes 2011 certain to be an Arabic repeat of 1989 and the collapse of European communism,  the various social media and internet have been playing a major role, even with the blackout imposed by Egypt. People are immensely innovative and find ways, with Google’s help or locally, to circumvent the blockade. But I just stumbled upon a notice of a new people who have been stumbled upon: a branch of the Panoan nation of Amazonia, newly discovered and photographed from an aircraft in order to provide documentation to the Brazilian government and establish protection for them and their land – something the government doesn’t always want to do apparently.  Anyway, for a fascinating look at  a much different level of technology than this, go to:

Enjoy the ride!

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