Posted by: Fr Chris | December 20, 2010

An update on Iraq


The attacks on Christians have continued since the massacre at Our Lady of Deliverance Cathedral. This link lists the sixty-six attacks on churches since 2004:

Here is the list of the people killed in the church, the new martyrs of Iraq:

and at the bottom is the photograph of Adam Uday, the three-year old who spent two hours telling the jihadists “enough” after they killed his parents and so many others. They finally killed him, too, this darling child who spoke God’s word to them which they refused to hear. Hatred is a terrible thing.

I find it very moving to hear our Arabic-speaking Christians say that they love the Muslims, though they also fear them now, and that they pray for them. They are better Christians than a lot of Americans who seem to focus only on revenge, even at this time of year.

The littlest saint in the Catholic Church is going to be Adam Uday – can we be the voice of God to those around us and say “enough” about the sexualization of our children,  the media’s preference for secularism which pushes out religion, violence in our cities, and pressures on the young? He could say it while stepping over bodies of the dead and the blood on the church floor. We must be able to stand up for what is right, and defend our faith. As we get closer to the miracle of the birth of the God-Man, may we ask Him to strengthen us in love for others and commitment to our Faith. Then we will indeed have a happy Christmas.

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