Posted by: Fr Chris | November 18, 2010

So much for protection in Egypt

A teenage romance between a Coptic Orthodox boy and a Muslim girl has been overplayed with false charges of rape. And how did the Egyptian Muslims respond? A mob swept down into Catholic and Orthodox villages to burn houses and shops, and the local bishops put it quite bluntly: organized attempts at forced conversions of Christian teenagers, especially girls, continue.

Catholic bishop’s comments:

A detailed account of the Egyptian attacks which destroyed 24 homes and several stores, from the beleaguered Christians of Pakistan:

At least the police intervened this time, right? Not quite, because they have taken the boy into custody and arrested Christians inside their homes!  Moderate Muslims say Christians and Muslims can live together – which has happened in the past. Will it happen now in Muslim-majority states? I encourage you to bookmark the Pakistan Christian Post website, also read FIDES, the official  Vatican site for news from mission zones and areas where Christians are endangered.

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