Posted by: Fr Chris | November 17, 2010

Good Links on the Iraq Cathedral Massacre and its Impact

My one hope is that all of these people have not died in vain; that our country, whose misplaced policies have led to the decimation of Christianity’s second oldest community outside of Palestine-Syria region will step up and help more; that the Churches will respond to the pleas of Iraqi Christians for more visible support and intercession; and that those western governments which are actually forcing Iraqi Christians to go BACK to Baghdad with no protection at all will stop their part in this slaughter.

Mr. George Bush is promoting his book and memoirs – his policies and his horrible management of the “liberation” have led directly to these disasters and the destruction of Iraqi Christendom: from 10% of the population in 1990 to 3% today. Mr. Obama praised Muslim tolerance in Indonesia with the Catholic cathedral near a mosque and did not say ONE WORD about the Muslim slaughter. One priest was shielding a husband, pregnant wife, and child: all died. One priest shot at the altar. The third priest tried to get people to a safe room, but he died later of his awful wounds, and most of the people were shot. And little Adam going around to the murderers saying :enough, enough: after they killed his parents, until they killed him too.  Every Muslim mosque should join us in mourning and the oft-hailed moderate Muslims should be speaking out. I am still waiting, 16 days later, to see a coordinated Muslim response.

Excellent article with powerful details and analysis:

Ongoing attacks and despair from the bishop: these attacks are NOT being reported by mainstream media: Why??

The courage of two priests and 60 mourners who reopened the cathedral after it was cleaned of the worst bloody damage: the bishop was a victim of Muslim kidnappers. Would you go back to your church and pray for those who did these awful things?

A blog by a Christian in Iraq:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claims it will protect churches instead of their usual practice of attacking Coptic Christians; although I just wonder if they want to keep out foreign Muslim jihadists since the Brotherhood has been routinely attacking the Copts for years.

And it continues in Baghdad and Mosul today, with more bombings, shootings of fathers in front of their families when they come home from work, blowing up houses abandoned in the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad, once known as the Little Vatican but most of whose Christians have been driven out in a campaign of threats of raping daughters and killing fathers.  Still waiting for a broad range of Sunni and Shiite leaders to condemn this; still waiting for Mr Bush to say, I should have done a better job; still waiting for Mr. Obama to acknowledge that Muslim fanatics are butchering Christians.

Lord, have mercy on the souls of the dead. Grant healing to the minds of the survivors. Guide the leaders to do what is right and just.  Grant that this will come to an end soon, very soon.

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