Posted by: Fr Chris | March 19, 2010

The cost is too high, the loss is too great.

We are moving into the voting stage for Congress. And for a Church which has fought for universal health care for all Americans, it is so tragic to see the expansion of abortion added on by the Senate version. Why did they and the president do this? What does killing of more minority babies, more white babies, more babies of all people have to do with this health care reform?  Why not support conscience protection clauses in this most free of societies? Why deny fair help to our immigrants who are keeping America going in this recession and in the face of our own otherwise hazardous birth rates? Why insult pro-life Democrats, the Hispanic  Caucus, and Catholic supporters? Why force life-supporting Americans to pay for mass murder, and why give federal subsidies to insurance companies to expand the killing? How does this meet up with the Democratic party’s expressed goals to limit abortion and promote adoption? And who is being blamed in editorial pages? The Church!

Why indeed?

I recommend that you read what Archbishop Dolan and Cardinal Francis George have written, as providing the best answers right now for those who have asked me what is the Church’s teaching? The Cardinal’s essay has a truly worrying title at the top of this blog. Read it now at:

Go to the archbishop’s blog: and go to the posting for 18 March, 2010.

Read it all, forward it around all you who love to forward me angel prayers and photographs of animals and political rants – forward this information around and get the living truth out there to other thinking, reading, voting people.

Why have such supposedly intelligent people sunk  to such deceit in order to, in the words of the Jesuits’ America Magazine, worship at the Altar of  the National Abortion Rights League?

God save us from those convinced of leading us to more bloodshed, more anger, and less help.

There was hope among American Catholic leaders that 40 years work to get true medical coverage for the poor, immigrant, pregnant, pre-existing condition sufferers like me, and others in need of medical help was going to finally happen. But we are supposed to rejoice at this costing only $940 billion (a Senator said he was “giddy” about this low figure) and trampling of human rights in the name of political correctness run amok in one of the worst episodes ever of such foolishness.

Why indeed? On this feast of St Joseph, patron of the family and of workers, in this recession and as families are once again threatened, let us pray fervently for intelligence and enlightenment to reign instead of the P-C nonsense that is passing for congressional debate.

I will post next week about Ireland and Germany and the sex abuse cases.

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