Posted by: Fr Chris | February 14, 2010

Great Lent

The Lenten Spring has come!

That’s the way Christians of the Byzantine tradition (Orthodox and Catholic alike) welcome the 40 days of fasting, abstinence, prayers, and penance. It is the spring of spiritual living, the time to plant ourselves in a new way in the Garden of the Lord. Jesus is the Gardener. Lent is the soil in which to sink our roots in search of healing from the original wound of sin. Lent is the water which feeds us with forgiveness, contrition, sorrow for sins, desire to help others. Lent is the sunlight which pierces through our lies to ourselves, when we face our faults honestly. Lent is the bursting of new life out of the plant of the old man – we find new paths in which to grow because of God’s great mercy. Lent is the opportunity – let us take hold of it, firmly, and not look back at our past, but only forward to the power of the Resurrection of Christ on Pascha. What will I be transformed into this Easter? If I am brave enough to listen to the Lord’s voice, I will be able to become a new man very soon. Let us make sincere efforts now, and the rewards will be beyond belief!

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