Posted by: Fr Chris | January 25, 2010

Iraqi Christians

The situation in Iraq remains bad for Christians. I decided not to use the normal media words “continues to deteriorate” because I don’t know how much worse things can get. The former “Rome of Mesopotamia”, the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad, was cleansed of Christians in front of our forces. Now the proposal for the Nineveh Plains settlement is rejected as creating a ghetto with no natural defenses for a population that is constantly being attacked. The latest can be read here:
Asia News is run by the PIME Fathers and is an excellent source for the truth about what is happening throughout Asia to not just Catholics but also other Christians, minorities, and human rights advocates. Take time to read it, bookmark it, and share it with others. As we draw closer to Great Lent, may we approach the Lord in humility and asking for His grace.

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