Posted by: Fr Chris | January 25, 2010

Followup to Irish Wilderness

From the authors of that book came this reply, with information on a second book, this one containing the words of Fr Hogan himself as discovered by the authors in their research:

Also wanted to let you know that we’ve just published a second volume: “On the Mission in Missouri & Fifty Years Ago: A Memoir” – the two personal memoirs of adventurous missionary / revered bishop John Joseph Hogan. He recounts his growing up in County Limerick and coming to America in “Fifty Years Ago”; “On the Mission” covers eleven years (1857-1868) of ministering to Catholics before, during and shortly after the Civil War in remote, frontier areas of Missouri. Now everyone can read these accounts in Bishop Hogan’s own words – and he’s an engaging, articulate writer describing exciting, dangerous historic times. Bishop Emeritus Boland (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph) has written the introduction. We’ve added several chapters covering Bishop Hogan’s life and times before and beyond these two memoirs.

So, check it out – the missionary history of America is unknown to most Catholics, and coming from a parish whose first pastor was Saint John Neumann, I can tell you that this history is inspiring, to say the least!

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