Posted by: Fr Chris | November 2, 2009

Archbishop Dolan’s Blog

Here is a new link:—the-gospel-in-the-digital-age/index.cfm?i=14042

This is the blog of Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the dynamic leader of the archdiocese of New York. In this entry, he prints the op-ed piece which the New York Times refused to print in refuting false charges carried by a columnist against the Catholic Church.   While the American  Church faces many challenges, the ongoing resurgence of anti-Catholicism and self-hatred from within the Church’s own ranks is to be deplored.  As for the archbishop, his inaugural Mass in St Patrick’s Cathedral was quite something to watch, in his personable manner w/ the people and in his blunt homily.


  1. Way cool, the new web site.

    I like how the links give a preview when you touch them.

    Remember we have lots of photos of you in Wales if you ever want to do something on that subject. Like the 500-year-old vestments in Abergavenny.

    • Yes, that would be super. The Mass Vestments, shrine of St David Lewis, St John Kemble grave, and the hidden chapel that you went up into all come to mind immediately. Thanks!!

  2. What a great site! Not only is it interesting and beautiful, it runs faster than any other web page on this ‘ol dial up…must be the Holy Spirit, seriously. Thanx and keep up the good work!



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